Please revisit this page in Summer for news about upcoming
General Manifest performances in Autumn of 2017

Past Performances:
October 17th 2015 - Automata - Los Angeles, California
October 16th 2015 - Space4Art - San Diego, California

About General Manifest:

“The inspiration behind General Manifest came two-fold. Aesthetically,
I wanted to create a piece to pay tribute to the fleeting music that
I’ve witnessed emanating from the underbelly of thousands of tons of rolling stock
over a twenty-year span in which I was riding freight trains
about the American west. At the same time, I also wanted to create a piece based
around the broader notion of birthright freedoms. Where these concepts
intersect, a philosophy exists that’s as personal as it is political, as anarchistic as it is
patriotic, and as natural as it is spiritual."
– Braden Diotte

About the Composer:

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Braden Diotte is a native Californian, born in 1975.
As a composer, his works include:

Extraordinary Angels (2015; for ensemble)
General Manifest (2013; for ensemble)
Saturnine (2010; for video & amplification installation)
Experiments for Radio (2006; for radio & solo performer)

As a multi-instrumentalist, he has performed in:

Faust (2012-2017; electric bass & synthesizer)
Luciano Chessa’s Orchestra of Futurist Noise Intoners (2013; various intonarumori)
Pinback (2008-2011; keyboard, electric bass & guitar)
Glenn Branca’s Symphony No.13: Hallucination City (2008; electric bass)
Tarantula Hawk (1998-2005; electric bass & keyboard)

Braden Diotte earned his MFA in Experimental Sound Practices from the California
Institute of the Arts, and holds undergraduate degrees in Cognitive Science, Computer
Music and Electronic Technology.